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Sbom viewer

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. An SBOM can help: Identify & avoid vulnerabilities. However, operational information may be dynamic and subject to change. It includes both the hash fingerprints of the components and also the packageUrl to determine where the component is coming from. An easy all-in-one portal to upload, parse, validate, compare, convert and search SPDX license list and documents. spdx. Builders often leverage available open source and third-party software components to create a product; an SBOM allows the builder to make sure those components are up to date and to respond quickly to new vulnerabilities. . Executives and managers can use the security posture scores derived from SBOMs to understand the risks to the business resulting from new vulnerabilities, license issues, and supply chain security incidents. Access an evolving database of known vulnerabilities and help your team detect threats and inconsistencies before the chance of an attack. SBOM data can be used for specific purposes, from simple (e. . Revenera's SBOM Insights ingests from a wide range of data sources, bringing together all SBOMs across your organization into a single actionable view. 3/source > k8s-1.

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