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Smart money vs dumb money confidence index

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With relatively muted index-level drawdowns year-to-date, sentiment swings have been a bit more dramatic. COMP. A gauge of so-called smart-money interest in stocks was at its. But what those indexes measure is, in the case of what they call the smart money, it's the big commercial hedgers, the big speculators in the index futures market versus the so-called dumb money. 1. . . . While dumb money moves are, predictably, not as routinely followed as investments considered “smart,” they are in some cases no less scrutinized. Opinions are divided, and both can occur with either occurring first. . . . *I'm not allowed to mention certain words. 2K views 5 months ago In this video, you will learn the basics of the smart/dumb money confidence indicators. The spread between them is getting extreme, dropping below -40% for the first time in months. The Stock Market is Insanely. Smart money is a collective force. " Dumb (unsophisticated) money has an emotional attachment to an investment and outcome. They make decisions based on fundamentals rather than popular trends. ST’s Confidence indices use mostly real‑time gauges—there are few opinions involved in them. . The indicator is based on intra-day price patterns. . Smart money is a collective force. S. The Smart Money Index is a technical indicator that attempts to gauge what the “smart money” is doing. We present a simple model of smart money and dumb money. Dumb Money. . The money flow oscillator has a range of 0 to 100. Opinions are divided, and both can occur with either occurring first. When the Smart Money Confidence Index is at 100%, it means that those most correct on market direction are 100% confident of a rising market. Dumb Money Confidence: Too Confident? Smart/Dumb Index. . ” This isn’t actually a. Dumb Money Confidence plunged to 30%, the lowest since early April 2020. . Smart Money is becoming less confident that stocks will rally in the weeks and months ahead, while Dumb Money is becoming more confident than they will. . . met_scrip_pic tryhackme lateral movement and pivoting walkthrough.

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